Friday, January 11, 2008

Dream Forest

Dream forest is a play that was written by Bill Wiley and preformed by students in the sad 56 elementary schools. it is a play that is about different animals of the forests that unite to save their forest home from certain destruction. Animals such as parrots, anteaters, snakes, orangoutangs , butterflies, bats, and tigers.

Theater vs. Theatre

Theater, theatre, who really knows the diffrence? Both words are frequently used but they have intirally diffrent meanings as to the english language. However this is a debate that is going on worldwide. there are many who say that the term theatre should refer to the art form only, and yet there are still those who would say that theater should refer to the building, the art of theater, or even a home theater system. Some people say that the term theatre is being drained of it's meaning What's your say?????

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Playwriting program

If you are really interested in playwriting then you might want to check out the program offered by the University of Ohio. They have a very unique “masters of fine arts” program that offers a lot to students
as they train students on the basic and even the advanced principals of playwriting. They strive to teach their craft as practically as possible and they do this by not only writing plays but also performing their plays in order to test them.

Check out Ohio University's Masters of Fine Arts at:

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Annie Jr. is a knock off of the classical movie that everyone has grown up knowing. Annie (Annabel Brunk) is an orphan and her only connection to her real parents is a battered old locket. Mrs. Hanagin who runs the orphanage is not very nice to the orphans. After Annie ran away from the orphanage she runs in to a dog, which she names sandy and stays with her throughout the play. Then she runs into the millionaire known as daddy Warbucks. After researching the locket to try and locate her parents, they find that her parents are dead. Then unable to detach himself from the lovable little girl he adopts her. You will never forget the catchy and fun songs and will be enchanted by Annie her self in this one of a kind play and movie.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Other Competition

Really good at writing? If you are then check out this site, it's a competition that you can send in a show that you wrote with a chance of winning money! Entries should have been submitted by the first but it's an annual contest so you could try for next year!!!!!!

One Acts

This site shows gives some general information about the one act competition shows. However this is not the same exact contest that our school will be participating in. It will still give you a good idea as to what the rules are like!

The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood

The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood, that's what you get when you combine Monty Python and Men in Tights. It's a complete comedy that many people have enjoyed and will enjoy in the years to come. It was recently preformed at Searsport District High School under the directing of Chris Gooseman.