Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Other Theaters in Midcoast Maine

These are some other theater groups in Maine, there are still many more, however you may find their sites interesting.

Maine State Music Theater- http://www.msmt.org/

Camden Civic Center- http://www.camdencivictheater.com/

The Theater Project- http://www.theaterproject.com/

Northport Music Theater- http://www.northportmusictheater.com/

Maine.info (Theater and Opera)- http://www.maine.info/museums2.html

Theater in Midcoast Maine http://www.steppinoutmaine.com/archives/2003/mar_05/feature1.html

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Literacy 9 said...

Looks like live theater is alive and well in midcoast Maine. That's a good thing -- that in these "plugged in" times -- that theater is still thriving.